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Restaurant in a new project in Prague 5, suitable as an investment opportunity

Kobrova, Praha 5, Smíchov

ID 123645 Parking No
Property Balcony/ terrace No
Layout 1+1 Cellar No
Size 285 sqm Energy label B
Floor 1 Property status available
Price: 24 290 000 CZK including VAT

Vitality Residence is located within a walking distance of Anděl area and Kinskych and Petrin Gardens. In addition to commercial premises, the residence includes 70 residential units. We believe that the location is becomind very popular a Neugraf Residence being in process of development will provide a further 177 new apartments in the neighborhood, which together with the SATPO residences (SCI, SCII, Vitality, Holečkova House, Kobrova House) will be 400 apartments in new buildings -and therefore, potential customers for the restaurant.

The unit is sold as shall and core, however the tenant completes the entire space at their expense. Air-conditioning and floors are provided by the developer, interiors, design and equipment of the bar is provided by the tenant. Equipment that is not mobile therefore remains in the restaurant even after the tenants leave.

Lease agreement for 5 years + 5 years option. The return on investment is 5.5% per annum.


Restaurant in a new project in Prague 5, suitable as an investment opportunity

Kobrova, Praha 5, Smíchov

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